“Attorney Tsui Yee has the knowledge, legal expertise, and charisma of a great lawyer, but beside that, I would recognize her for the devotion, care and compassion that you usually only find in a close friend.

Tsui just helped me with an O-1 visa. My endeavor to switch my status from F-1 to O-1 was off to a rocky start. Right after our first consultation EO 13769 - the “Travel Ban” was issued, and my country was on the list. During this period of confusion no one had a clear idea of all of the implications of the ban or how people like me would be affected, but Tsui reassuringly told me “We are going to fight as hard as we can.” Over the course of the next couple of months, this turned out to be the case. She made me feel empowered and encouraged, guided me and helped me to reinforce my case. My visa was granted shortly after submission.

She started with emphatic understanding of me as a person, not merely as a case number (my life circumstances, achievements, my goals, etc.). She then tailored a personal narrative for my O-1 application and helped me bring the evidence and paperwork together. She personally got in touch with those involved in the case (my agent, clients, those who wrote recommendation letters on my behalf) to answer questions, clarify issues, and provide detailed legal references in layman’s terms.

She was succinct, persuasive, and made the effort to help them to fully understand the scope of their involvement in my case. She was always ready for strategic tweaks. Once, when I had to replace an entity in my application, she generously redid some of the work she’d already done. All in all, I never felt anything short of full understanding and support in my legal representation.

In our current political atmosphere, even legal immigrants like me are likely to face more distress and disarray, and in attorneys like Tsui Yee shall we trust.”

– Moein

Krios Song headshot.jpg

“I am originally from Beijing and found work as an independent producer in NYC after I graduated from film school. In order to keep working here, I had to obtain an O1 visa. Finding a reliable immigration attorney is always one of the most critical factors in this demanding process. Luckily, I was able to meet with Tsui a few months ago. After our first meeting, I immediately decided to work with her on my visa case.  Tsui obviously has her clients’ best interests in mind. Being an immigration attorney is not just a job for her. It is also her calling, and she truly loves helping immigrants pursue their America Dreams. She takes every case seriously and fights for her clients as if they were her friends. Her fees are very reasonable. She is very experienced with securing O1 visas and she provided much helpful guidance on how to gather my materials and build a stronger, more convincing case.  After months of hard work, we were able to file our case in September and the case was approved right away. Tsui always operates with the highest level of integrity, skill, and compassion.  If you're looking for an immigration attorney, I wholeheartedly couldn't give a higher recommendation.”

– Krios


“I met Tsui Yee at a Church Meeting a few months after Trump was elected, where she was part of a panel.

She was the most knowledgeable and very thorough about the immigration questions being asked, so I spoke with her after the meeting, we exchanged numbers and I called to make an appointment.

Even though my case wasn’t set to begin until that November, when my daughter turned 21, Tsui reviewed all of the necessary documentation right away and created a file for me. Sure enough, when November rolled around, her office contacted me so that we could wrap up the case. We completed all the forms, and everything was put into place well before the deadline. I only had one initial visit to the office, and after that all of my correspondence was done via email, text message, or over the phone! This was extremely important for me as my job offers limited time flexibility.

Tsui Yee is thorough, professional, helpful and well organized! She keeps her clients informed and up to date, and always looks out for their interests. Her prices are reasonable and she is willing to work with those who may not have a large sum of money initially.

I am very pleased with the professionalism provided by Tsui Yee and her staff and I highly recommend her services. Today, about 10 months after starting the process, I am a Permanent Resident of the United States Of America!

Thank you, Tsui Yee!”

- Muriel

“Like all immigrants, who follow recommendations of friends, I called the local community lawyer suggested by a friend. It was a frustrating year with the attorney reassuring me that my case of was being processed, that I should trust her, and that I should be patient…but after months passed by I still had no progress. She could call me in for review meetings to “review my papers” but then expected me to pay even more money. My situation got worse when it turned out she did not perform any services at all on my behalf. My confidence in the attorney was shattered when Immigration told me that my documents had not been filed and my information was incorrect. I was vulnerable, anxious and worried. I had paid an attorney to give me nothing but empty words without actions.

I had to move quickly to fix my situation. I was directed to a new lawyer, Tsui Yee. Now a little wiser, I looked her up online and saw that she had a good reputation, even rated as a “SUPER LAWYER 2016-2018”. At our first consultation Tsui Yee asked me many particular questions about my case and she took notes on every single detail of my answers. In that first meeting she also clarified all the fees and charges involves so there would be no surprises later. I immediately had a feeling that I could trust her; she was objective and seemed intuitive.  She had laid out all the information step by step, explained and pointed out exactly what I needed to do, and when I emailed her she would get back to me immediately with clear, short answers. I felt relieved. I followed her advice, and she filed the necessary documents. 

I was called in by Immigration for the biometrics and waited patiently for my appointment, knowing I was in good hands. To my great joy, I received my Green card in the mail.

I’m so thrilled and thankful to Tsui Yee and her staff for their care and integrity.  I like that she has a personal mission to help as many immigrants as possible with their situations. I am very satisfied with my results, as you can imagine, and I know you will be too. What are you waiting for, give her a call right away!!”

– Roberto


“Tsui had assisted my aunt and uncle previously. When I was in need of someone capable and trustworthy to guide me through this process, my cousin recommended her based on her positive experience with her parents’ case. I knew Tsui was the right person, having seen what she accomplished in helping my aunt and uncle. 

I scheduled a consultation appointment with her and when I met her I was confident I had made the right choice. (We even had a connection in common - she also enjoys Harry Potter novels and keeps up with current politics.)

Throughout the entire process, Tsui and Yasmin have been very kind and amazing with me. They have patiently answered my questions and responded to my concerns right away. I visited them once a month and they always treated me well, and clarified any questions I had. With each step of the process they kept me updated.”

– Aishah